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Cross-training in Oracle and SQL Server

Hi Experts

I'm in a mixed group of SQL Server DBA's and developers and Oracle DBA's and developers from different business units that have only rarely interacted with each other in the past.   Our upper management has given us a fuzzy directive to cross-train ourselves between Oracle and SQL Server, and for the most part everyone in the group is doing a twelve-way blank stare on what the expectations are.

Question:  Does anyone have any references to existing Oracle and SQL Server cross-training?  Videos, published articles, blog posts..

This question is not..
A request for info on which is the better database.
An invitation for anyone to do a Google search and post the first thing that's returned, and then can't speak to it.

Things I've stumbled across so far..
PluralSight - Advanced SQL Queries in Oracle and SQL Server
MVA - SQL Server 2016 Essentials for the Database Administrator
Udemy - Data Migration: Database Migration from MS SQL to Oracle DB

Thanks in advance.
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