clients behind nonroot side of wireless bridge unable to connect

We have a 6 month old ruckus p300 bridge connecting 2 buildings. we came in one morning to find all devices behind the nonroot side of the bridge lost connection. the root side at our main building communicates with the nonroot but now traffic beyond the nonroot never makes it to our switch/devices at the second location. We think it may be an issue with the ethernet port that goes from the nonroot to the switch at our second location. Is there any way to test the ethernet port on a ruckus p300? The ethernet that runs from the nonroot bridge to the switch is a heavily shielded cat 6 that was working without issue. Can something cause this cable to become faulty? The bridges all report back with no errors. Any suggestions?
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Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process ArchitectCommented:
First, can you setup port mirroring on the switch directly connected to the Ruckus P300 at both sides and run a packet capture to determine if the Ruckus is actually responding as expected?
Considering this is a bridge, is the addressing space at the main building and the second building on the same IP network or group of VLANs?
Do you maintain switch configuration backups?  Did anything change within the switch configurations?  Did anything change with the Ruckus P300 configurations?
Those would be places I would start without knowing more about your topology.

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