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I have 2 different forests and one has Exchange 2007 and the another one has Exchange 201. Both are in VMWARE.

My question is, can I move Exchange vm live to different datastore or it's always better to shut it dow first?
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Server engineer
When you are moving exchange VM to a different datastore, you need to make sure that the another datastore is also having same database and log file disk volumes.

It's better to shutdown the exchange server before moving the VMDK file to another datastore.  It cannot be done live.
AkhaterSolutions Architect

you mean you just want to move the VM itself with the storage right?

well live migration / Vmotion can do this without issues these are system built for this purpose and can move about any workload live (Exchange / SQL etc...)

in short yes you can
Sebastian TalmonSystem Engineer Datacenter Solutions

Live migration of VMs to a different Storage is called Storage vMotion in VMware. It is independent of the workload running in the VM. But Storage vMotion requires vSphere Enterprise Plus licenses for your ESXi Hosts.

Without Enterprise plus license, you have the following possibilities:

* shut down your VM, move it offline to your new Storage

* use tools like Veeam Backup&Replication for moving the VM - it will need to freeze the VM for the final step

* if you only have to add Storage space from an additional Storage to Exchange, you can add an additional disk to your VM and specify your additional Storage for this disk. After formatting the new disk in your Exchange Server, you can add a new Exchange database (up to 5 Databases in Exchange Standard) on this new disk (=online) and optionally move some existing mailboxes to the new database (=user gets a message and has to restart outlook) or you can move your existing mailbox database to the new disk (you have to take the database offline for this)
AkhaterSolutions Architect
as far as I know Exchange is a supported workload



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