WiFi Issues

In a network , I have laptop and iPhone, both are trying to connect to the same network , iPhone successful get an IP and internet , laptop doesn't. (connected to AP but doesn't get an IP )

If I move with the laptop closer to a different AP it works. this network has issues with access to the network.  

I'm trying to find the root issue. is there a way that I can see to which access point the laptop in connected to and to which is the iPhone?
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Easy way would be - test it after hours. Turn off AP one by one to test it. Would be pain but will give you better results
What sort of APs are you using?  Are they all using the same SSID?  If so, are they designed to allow that?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
iPhones like to grab the lowest IP. I see that a lot.

On my own network, I give the phones static IP addresses so that they do not interfere with computers.  

This works very well.
Have you checked to make sure there are no odd settings on the laptop? I'm assuming other laptops are connecting without issue.
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