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Prevent disabling services in Win 10

i'm using Shadow Protect to backup a windows 10 workgroup desktop PC. I have an issue whereas all related Shadow Protect services being disabled overnight. This would include image manager and CMD control the backup monitoring service. I cant find what is disabling  the services and therefore need some help.
Is it possible to prevent disabling the service in the registry or group policy like you see on internet security services. Any help on this is appreciated.
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For now, the system log should show you these events under EventID 7040

However, I suspect it will show up as User: SYSTEM which doesn't help you too much.

Maybe the timing will help you (if every day it's the same time, check for scheduled jobs at the same time)

Preventing is probably not an option. Someone or some service with admin rights can change this, therefore preventing it will break your whole system (since you can also not adjust it anymore)
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