How to see the Senders that send the most emails within a given time?

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Concerning my Google Administrator's Reporting tools, is there a way to see the actual Senders that send the most emails within a given time? For example, if I wish to see which Sender email addresses are sending many emails to my domain users, can I find that information? These are not necessarily spammers that I am looking for.

I know I can do it if I know the email address, though I would like to just see the bulk senders each day without already knowing the sender's address.
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How I do this for several projects...

1) Setup your SMTP mail sends to relay through MailGun. First 10K messages each month are free.

2) Setup Webhooks for every message state change.

3) Record raw JSON into a simple flat file (be sure to use a file named by date + use correct advisory file locking).

4) Raw JSON can then be pulled at any moment + formatted in any way, including being run through any type of graphing software to produce any type of report you can imagine.

Also, this means you can save your data forever, for running multi-year or multi-decade reports.

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