"smbpasswd -a user" makes samba server unavailable.

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"smbpasswd -a user" makes samba server unavailable.

Previously used Debian 7 without problems. Reinstalled and set up Debian 9.

I have atttached my smb.conf. This is a fresh installation. When using the config as attached here, I can browse to my server via \\ip-address and \\netbiosname windows 10 machine, but none of the shares are available. I get a password promptwhen trying to access the shares, and then a message that I am not authorized.So then, I add the system user 'atle' to samba:
smbpasswd -a atle

This prompts me for a password twice. I enter the same password twice, all ok.

systemctl  restart smbd
systemctl  restart nmbd

Then I try to browse \\ip-address and \\netbiosname from my windows 10 machine, but no response. The server seems unavailable.
"systemctl smbd status" responds all is well. Trying to list shares from the command prompt with smbclient to \\ip-address works fine.

I then perform:
smbpasswd -x atle
systemctl restart smbd
systemctl restart nmbd

Now I can browse \\ip-address and \\netbiosname from my windows 10 machine again.

So, what is going on here? How to fix?
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After I added this to the top of my Global section, I can now add a user with smbpasswd and browse via \\netbiosname, but not \\ip-address. I still can't access any of the shares.

lanman auth = no
ntlm auth = yes
client lanman auth = no

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