Looking for good file organizing and data storage options for Law Office

James Fry
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Greetings EE'ers,

I am looking for a good solution for file management and  data storage options for a small Law Office.  There are several "canned" solutions out there that are mostly hosted solutions, which is fine, but they all seem to be pretty expensive.  Does anyone know of any good solutions for this?  Either on prem storage or cloud solution is ok...or even a combination of both, as long as it's compliant for legal documents security requirements.

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I am thinking of AWS WorkDocs (WD)  for a balance - choice of cloud is for scalability and being eligible to meet security compliance requirement which you can advise the specific. For WD, it is HIPAA eligible, PCI DSS compliant, meets ISO compliance requirements (with audit trail and log), and files on WD are encrypted in transit and at rest. Since it is a small setup, the cost optimized approach can adopt a pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for the active user accounts and storage you use.

Of course, there are variant as well for planning purposes  to think in terms of other options for the IT support operation.
1)  keeping IT onsite; (but you have to maintain all of their IT infrastructures at the law firm)
2)  adopting a hybrid mix or; (involves some cloud-based solutions with some onsite hardware and software for owning sensitive operation)
3)  being fully cloud-based. (Maybe the best approach to focus on the firm business and adopt the managed services such as WD)

This site has a good list for consideration and candidates include legalworks which has a good and secure portfolio to meet your needs and they can provide their annual SSAE/SOC audit reports (under NDA) if necessary.
Ramasamy PanchavarnamSenior Technical Architect

Go for AWS S3 storage.

you can create two buckets on S3 and one for public and another with Restricted access. Both can be encrypted. Each file has unique URL like Youtube videos. It is the cheaper storage as well.

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