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Web app with php

Hello, so I have this customer who has come up with a math formula and he doesn't want anybody to see it. But he also wants me to create a web app which uses the formula.

Now, I have a decent knowledge of Javascript, but I've dabbled very little with php.

So, if I use js exclusively, the code will always somehow be visible, as obfuscated as it may be.

I was wondering, is there a way to use php? The app would be very simple: the user inputs some values into a form and the app needs to make some calculations with those values and spit out some results. Since I am near zero with php, I have no idea if this can be done with it, easily or otherwise.

The app would be mostly identical to this one: http://www.laconfraternitadellapizza.net/calcolapizza/
I made that in js though.

I hope someone can help me, I don't need the details but I'd just like to know if it's doable and maybe some hints on how to handle the data.

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