Where Citrix Desktop is loaded in Citrix Xen App 6.5?


In Citrix Xen App 6.5 where can I check where the user profile is located or load? Users load their Citrix Desktop from their workstation so I just wondering where that station is load and located.

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Dirk KotteSECommented:
I need a few clarifications
with "from their workstation" ... you mean the physical PC from user? - This device is unimportant for the citrix profile, since this is loaded on the VDA (terminal server or virt. Windows workstation)

if you use roaming profiles the central profile path depends from profile-manager
mostly used is the build in MS profile manager and Citrx UserProfileManager (UPM)
These 2 solutions are usually configured via GPO . - check with gpresult
Citrix UPL have a great logging (if configured) - here you can find the profile-details too.

With xenApp7.x the director shows details frm Profile too ... but I do not know if these details are available with XA6.5 already.
James RankinCommented:
In XenApp 6.5 the profile is loaded exactly where you'd expect, in c:\users\username on the RDSH server that the user runs their desktop on, unless it's a roaming or UPM profile defined in which case it will be synced back to the specified file share.

Question not particularly clear TBH
SAM2009Author Commented:
I can't see any GPO for Citrix user profile so where can I found: Citrix UserProfileManager ?
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
take a look to computer / system / advanced settings / advanced / user profiles.
if you use roaming profiles from MS - you have the type "roaming"
if you use roaming profiles from Citrix UPM  - you have the type "local"
Citrix UPM don't work until it is configured.
that can be done over
- local policy
- ini file

but you are sure you use roaming profile?
you have the same settings at more than one device?
I'm not sure where you look for the profile and why...

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SAM2009Author Commented:
Ya your are right I can see it in:  / system / advanced settings / advanced / user profiles

It's in INI file...
SAM2009Author Commented:
Thanks guys!
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