Missing "add" from contacts in Exchange 2013

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Hello Experts,

We have an exchange 2013 server that in the contacts section the "+" icon is missing and i cannot add a contact.
See attached image.
Any ideas ?
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AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

Can you not do it in a document but a screen print or something in future?

Also, is this on premise, cloud or hybrid?

AkhaterSolutions Architect

the obvious reason is that the user you are using is not member of the Organization admins ?


I am using the domain admin user.
just checked in the permissions on exchange, the administrator is member of the organization management.

It is an on-premise installation.

Also, another issue that might assist you is that i cannot create a new user from exchange on AD. I have to create the user from AD users and computers and then assign a mailbox. Those two issues could be related.
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Solutions Architect
yes the issues are related and pointing to the fact that the exchange user you are using have limitations... troubleshooting the limitation on a forum won't be easy

can you create a new user in AD put it in a new OU on which you block inheritance & put it  part of Domain Admins & Organization management and try


You helped enough to trace the issue.

After creating a the new user without inheritance the same issue occurred.
That led me to check the roles of organization management group in exchange permissions. Looks like the previous it support, for some reason, removed the "mail recipient creation" and "mailbox import-export".

Added those and problem is solved.

Thank you !!!!
AkhaterSolutions Architect

Glad to know I was able to help and thank you for the followup on the reply.


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