Microsoft Access is showing this error message "is not a valid path"

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Hi there we have this customer who is using someone else PC on the network to access all the files are shared from their PC. The PC that is sharing everything has no password and the permission is set to everyone.  The PC accessing all the shared files can access everything but access database files.
 They can access some of the database files but not couple of the database files because on the PC that is sharing them some of  the databases are linked to a database called "Address" so When ever they  open any of the database that is linked to the main "address" database it wont let them use it on the pc that is being shared to.

Is there away to change the directory patch on the PC the files are being shared so the PC that is getting all the files can view this databases and edit them.

Screenshot below of the error message

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In most cases the location provided - the Users/Documents folder - does not allow others to access it. You'd have to move the database to a public location (like the Public Documents folder).
Daniel PineaultPresident / Owner CARDA Consultants Inc.
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This looks like a permission issue.  The users needs full permissions (read/write/delete) on each folder in which resides the back-end file(s).  

If you can't change the permissions on the folder/file, then yes, you could move the file(s) to a folder with the necessary permissions and then use the Linked Table Manager to update the path for any tables using that back-end file.  Then you will need to give every user a copy of the updated front-end.
Sean SmithSQL DBA

You need to Export the database and, to do so:
  1. Open export that is used with custom report
  2. Click Export Now
  3. Save the data into correct .accdb file
  4. Click Save
  5. Close the Export

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