How to send in house Microsoft SQL date to a web hosted MySQL database

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I have been tasked with a project where we have 4 identically constructed databases with different customer data in each running on premises using MSSQL and Microsoft Dynamics 2016.  I need to export specific customer data from each of the 4 databases and import that data into a MySQL database that is hosted off site with our web site. This data will then be periodically uploaded to the website database either with triggers or at a timed interval.

As I have very little experience with this type of database project, I am seeking information on how this can be done and what basic steps are needed in order for this to work.  Any additional details would be appreciated.
Thank you!
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What programming languages are you familiar with? Most of them have connectors to both mssql and MySQL. You could write a simple website in php, that pulls the info from mssql into variables, then uses those variables to insert (insert ignore or upsert possible) into your MySQL. Last time I did this I used the adodb library for the dB connections.
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A lot depends on the requirements..

Normally I would consider using SSIS or a plan SQL Server Agent Job using a linked server to push the data to that server. Both require that you can connect from the internal server (using SSIS means that this can be a different server than your database server) to the external server.

Another approach would be using SSIS or PowerShell to extract the data to XML or JSON files and push them to the external server. Then you need a consumer task on that server.


thank you again for your responses.


Thank you both for your quick replies.

Both of the provided solutions are above my skill set and it appears that my best option is to contract this out.

thank you,

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