SharePoint calculations based on check boxes.

Jim Schwetz
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SharePoint column, type=calculation, formula to assign values based on a column with check boxes.
While in the formula box, I do not see the column name to be inserted.  Is that because the column has checkboxes?  So I can add the column name manually, but how do I add the column name & checkbox name.
All I am trying to do is get a sum based on how many checkboxes are checked.  one of the check boxes is worth 9 points, the others are worth 3 points.  The column name is Risk.  I was trying to have it max out at 9 points.  so the first if was going to sum just the first checkbox if true, or sum the other 3 for a total of 0-9.


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Using info-path with a SharePoint list.  It does not allow you to set a name to each checkbox.  Looks like it defaults to "value"?
So i tried using the title of the check box, and tried using checkbox1 ....
Here is what the question looks like
Thanks in advance,
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I've never been able to use check boxes in calculated columns or even as view filters. I usually use a choice column, doesn't look as nice, but you should be able to work with the values in a choice column better.

If you do get check boxes to do what you want to do, please post how here because I like check boxes.

Good Luck...
Jim SchwetzWeb Specialist


Thanks Curtis,
I think I will use some hidden columns, and try to get something to work that way.  If I do, I will share it.
Walter CurtisSharePoint AED
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Thanks, seems like you have a good idea about how to do it now,

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