Each time I Iaunch Powershell it automatically runs a cmdlet

Jay Thomas
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Each time I Iaunch Powershell it automatically runs a cmdlet. Where could this be coming from? Even if I reboot. Looks like something is set to auto run but not sure where it's coming from. Any ideas?. See pic
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This are the scripts automatically executed if existing.
      All Users            $pshome\profile.ps1
      All Users, private      $pshome\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1
      Current User            $((Split-Path $profile –Parent) + "\profile.ps1")
      Current User, private      $profile
"private" means that only the directly started PowerShell console is running those, but not integrated ones (like in the ISE).
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Try the locations described here:
Understanding the Six PowerShell Profiles


Oh boy! That easy :)

Thank you chaps.

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