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3PL browser print v not working with Zebra ZP-450


I am having issues getting Browser print working with Zebra label printer.  I am able to access the printer and it is printing however,  using IE 11 on the website 3PL Warehouse Management it will not print.  I know silverlight and java play a part in this however I believe it's the browser print software that is causing the issues.  We cannot use chrome or Firefox.  Has anyone ran into a fix for this?  3PL stated it might be a firewall issue however, it is not.  Please advise if you can thank you
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How your printer works will depend on how you've setup access.

Printer looks to have both USB + Ethernet connectivity, so you'll have to be able to access the machine where your printer is physically connected, from all other printers printing to this device.

Depending on how the driver is written this might be easy or hard.

First try printing to your Zebra from the machine where it's physically attached.

Then setup your other machines to access the printer remotely, through the machine where it's attached.

Tip: Many times printers will be attached to Desktop machines then printed to by laptops.

Remember laptops have batteries + Desktop machine tend to require outlet electricity to run.

If this is the case, be sure you have all Desktop machines, routers, WiFi hotspots running on UPS (uninterruptible power supply) devices to be able to print during black outs + brown outs + cycle downs (where AC cycles drop off).

UPS devices will save you massive amounts of money, first time you have an electrical problem.
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This is 1 workstation and the printer is connecting via USB.
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