Knockout and MVC Razor

Camillia used Ask the Experts™
We want to reskin our application (ASP.Net , C#, JQuery) using this template

That template comes with Angular and jQuery but we're going to use the jQuery version.

I want to replace our CSS with the template's CSS and rework the pages and reskin.

We have a new guy on our team who's worked with Knockout. He said something like we can wire up Knockout and spit out Razor pages with the new look-and-feel/css.
Anyone has done something like that? where can I find more info?
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Hi Camillia,

I think he might be talking about

I used KnockoutJS extensively in one of the engagements but it was very different. So I would write Razor pages and would use KnockOut to bind the data and manipulate the DOM. The look and feel was controlled by predefined CSS in the page. I would make slight changes to the CSS based on the data that was received that is all.

If you would like to go through a similar example, here is a step by step one:

I probably wouldn't the Knockout route.
I'm a bit jaded to begin with as I'm not a fan of client frameworks to begin with, but getting past that, two main items:

1) Generally people use Knockout OR React or Angular for similar reasons.  if the template already comes integrated with Angular, I'd tend to think it'll be faster and cleaner to go that way.

2) Pretty much every team I've worked with over past few years have all been abandoning Knockout in favor of React.  I honestly can't speak to the pros / cons (though google of course can).  Perf generally seems to be a fair bit better on React.  But again I just caution that the majority of people I've come across who HAD been using Knockout have swapped to React.
Thanks, guys. That step by step link is good and gives me an idea what the developer might be thinking but I think (per Snarf's #2), will stick with what the template has and not deviate... I'll stick with jQuery (that template comes with Angular but we're not using Angular now) and just reskin like that.
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Quick question (I want to have a good reason for my manager as to why  I don't want to use Knockout)

The link Chinmay sent

I see an AJAX call and JS code to get the data. So, with Knockout, I do need to make some code changes like adding AJAX, and JS files, correct?
Chinmay PatelChief Technology Ninja
Distinguished Expert 2018
Yes. This would be the same for any other tech - Angular or React for that matter. In the end you will use AJAX and JS :).

PS: I have also stopped using Knockout JS.. while I really liked it a lot. Frontend Frameworks do not excite me much anymore that is applicable to Angular and React as well.
Thanks, Chinmay. You're great in helping me out.

Snarf, thanks as well. Your response helped.

I'll let my manager know.
Chinmay PatelChief Technology Ninja
Distinguished Expert 2018

Thanks for your kind words Camillia. There is an advantage working with you. You are open to ideas and even if when I don't get your point (initially or sometimes till the end :D), you are patient and you are willing to put in efforts to get to the bottom of question/answer (not this one, this one was rather simple). That is why I prefer helping people like you. All the best with your new venture.
Thanks! :)

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