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Networking Connection Issue On Every Boot?

We have Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS running on a virtual machine in VMWare Workstation 12.5.7 build-5813279.

The network settings appear to be correct however every time we boot it we get the grey icon with the question mark.  We can disable the network and reenable it and everything is fixed.  Can you tell me how to fix this issue as it is rather annoying?
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That is a new version of Ubuntu (I have a V16 LTS machine here).  I would try upgrading VMware Workstation. Current Version is Version 15.  Version 12 is from a couple of years ago.
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Can you install 15 over 12 without having any issues?  Or do you have to do the whole uninstall and reinstall?
That is a big leap. You can uninstall VMware Workstation without affecting your virtual machines. I think installing VMware V15 will uninstall the old version before it installs the new version. I have seen that happen when upgrading to a completely new version. This will reinstall the Network Editor component as well.

When you reinstall VMware, make sure you install the VMware Tools in the Guest Machine.

Follow up:  VMware Tools in Ubuntu:
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