HP Laserjet MFP m227dw - How To Make Tray 2 the Default tray when copying?

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HP Laserjet MFP m227dw - How To Make Tray 2 the Default tray when copying?
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From what you are saying, the printer defaults to the manual feed (tray 1) for copying. That implies that the printer thinks the paper in tray 2 is not the correct size or type. Start by checking that the sliders in the tray are right up against the paper, as they tell the printer what paper size is loaded.

As usual, HP's manuals are intended only to tell the user how to do the kind of tasks most people can do without a manual :-(

Unless someone else know the best answer, I'll give a couple of suggestions.

One of the User Guides I found mentions that you can change the default paper size or type for copying from the front panel, by going to Copy > Settings > Paper > select size/type installed in tray 2, and then press Black or Color to make a copy. To make the current copy settings the default, make that copy and then go to Copy > Settings > Set as new defaults. If the printer thinks the current paper in tray 2 is not plain paper, set it to that and you should then be OK. If it is already set to plain paper, try setting it to something like Recycled, which will work fine on plain paper. Unfortunately, the manual does not seem to mention how to tell the printer what type of paper is actually in a tray. Some pictures in the manual suggest that, if you look through the Control Panel menu you may find something under Copy > Settings, or under Supplies or Setup.

In the same control panel area you may be able to find a setting for "Default paper tray". If you set that to tray 2, your copies should come from that tray, while prints from PC/Mac will still be from the tray specified in the driver.

Finally, the same settings, and possibly more, should be accessible from the printer's web interface. Type its IP address into your browser and go through the various tabs and buttons. Look especially for Default Settings and Copy Settings.

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