Can not log into Systemi, iseries, as400.

Kevin Caldwell
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AS/400, iseries, System/i help please.  I renamed a library or something and now I cannot log in, with any user id.  It flashes a job log, then gives the sign on back.    I was doing some testing and renamed some test libs and what I did should not have affected me regular user id's.   Any way to bring it up in STRSST mode or something, so I can see the logs and make changes?  I have tried QSECOFR and all the user id's that I know.
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

You probably renamed a lib that is needed to find a user signon menu, one or more user signon programs, or an object referenced by a user's signon program.  

On the signon screen, try signing on as QSECOFR and overriding the Program/Procedure to "QCMD" on the signon screen - you know - one of those fields on the screen that we've all looked at for years but never needed to fill in?

You can then start a second session and diagnose the login failure from the QSECOFR session.
Kevin CaldwellOwner of RUseeingRed Tech Solutions


I have a 36 environment going here.  I had changed the default data lib to something else to test something and forgot to put it back.  I had to do a manual startup, which apparently bypasses the check on that library.  Trying to log into qsecofr did the same thing as my 36 environment users.  But in this mode it worked.  I was able to then change the parameters back and all was good.   big sigh of relief!
Owner of RUseeingRed Tech Solutions
Solution stated above.

36 environments still in production....

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