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PowerPoint, How to change the default font

Power Point 2016,. how do I change the default font from Arial to Calibri so that it does bring up Arial Again when the account open. It is not evident how to do this in Power Point 2016.

Thank you for your assistance.
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      Thanks for your assistance. l will try your suggestion tomorrow.

L Dufresne
If you want that theme to be the default, name it Default Theme.thmx

You can also save a default template. The biggest difference between a template and a theme is that a template can have slides in it. A theme doesn't have slides. (Well, it will show you a title slide, but a template can have whatever slides you want.)

Here are instructions:  Same process for PowerPoint 2016.
Just to clarify Echo_S, the steps that I outlined above to save the theme to the design gallery are quite a bit more streamlined than the lengthy process defined in your link, I think you would agree!
I totally agree. I just wanted to mention that you can name it so that it is indeed the default theme and you don't have to manually select it each time. My instructions are about templates, but there's maybe still some useful info in there.

Actually, once you save the theme with whatever name you want as you described, then when you right-click it in the Themes Gallery on the Design tab in PPT 365/2016, you get the option to "Set as Default Theme." That's even easier than manually naming it.
Great tip, Echo_S
Thank you for your assistance