Login on-failure and login on-success audit logged into the local database/repository

Our company has installed a couples of Cisco 2960x stacked up with FlexStack plus. Our security team is concerned about the illegal administrative logon  We need to identity those failed logon either through the vty console or SSH session.

We have done some research and will try to use the following login on-failure log every 1 and login on-success log every 1 to identify and monitor those unsuccessful and successful logon for review.

In order to achieve such requirement, we would like to know it is mandatory or a must to use the "logging <ip address>" to export the logging result to a remote syslog server ? We do Not have a remote syslog server on our infrastructure at the moment. Is it technically possible to use a local buffered logging repository on the Switch to store such login failure/success audit log records instead for the time being ?

Thank you so much for your kind advice in advance.

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You shouldn't need the send to syslog. You can use the logging buffered option to view the local buffer.

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There are many syslog options available that are free out there. For future reference.
If you don't send to a remote syslog, you will only have the events in the local buffer. The local buffer is of limited size, so older events will get purged and it will also be cleared by a power cycle or administrative action. If the security team is really interested in tracking this, they need to have a proper logging infrastructure.
If there is a need to log for security, then a syslog server is a requirement.

If security is important, then all logins should be TACACS+/RADIUS authenticated
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