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How to deploy MS Access 32 BIT with SQL server to office 64 BIT


Through the advice from this plat form I have moved all the ms access tables to Ms Sql server express with some amendments of course on the sub forms and data type which were a problem, I avoided the pass through queries due to some challenges on updating. So I'm using the less DSN File and ODBC 17 which is working fine and the speed is no different with Ms Access Back-end:


(1) I want to deploy this application to a client outside our network, this mean there will be a new server to host the tables, now correct me if I,m wrong here:

(a) I will download an MS Sql Server Express on a nominated computer to act as a server where all other 50 work stations will be linked
(b) On the 50 work station I will install the same ODBC 17 and MS Access runtime 2016 if no full license available
(c)  The ODBC connection string  will now change or I will replace my computer name currently showing to the new computer or server name.  After that before logging out I will compile the application to accde, I know after make an accde it may want to log in, but at this point I expect to fail because of the change to host computer, but when I install it to one of the work station mentioned above I expect it to located the correct server at that point.
(d) Anything else?

MS Access 64 Vs 32

Here I have serious problems most of my clients are now shifting 64 BIT office , now I understand there is a code out there that can allow a 32 BIT written application to run on a 64 BIT Ms Access , kindly help me here.


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Gustav Brock
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Unless you have API calls, there is no difference in VBA between 32- and 64-bit Access.
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Daniel Pineault

Look over

Access x32 vs x64 Compatibility

Important things to note:
  • ActiveX controls become an issue, this is why it is best to avoid them altogether
  • Compiled versions (accdes) need to be create on the version specific version of Access
  • APIs need to be adapted for 64 bit or use Conditional Compiler Directives so it can run on both bitnesses
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What about the deployment procedures above? Is it okay?
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Gustav Brock
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Regarding deploying your front-end to your end-users, you may like to read MS Access – Deploying Your Database Front-End to Your Users