Adding a project (can't see namespace) - why isn't it becoming part of the solution?

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Of course, this can't be that hard but I don't know what the project I'm adding is not becoming part of the solution.

I go step by step with screenshots

1. I added a Class Library to the solution. I right clicked on the solution to add it
2. I got this message but I clicked Continue
3. I saw it in solution and added a reference to it to another project in the solution

4. Then I wanted to use the namespace but code couldn't find it
5. I went digging in to see what's going on. Read it might be resharper so cleared the cache. Removed the reference, added it back. Compared it with another reference that's added. Then, I opened the project in notepad and saw the path is different You see ..\..\ compared to ..\

    <ProjectReference Include="..\..\CSI.MYxyz.ViewModels\CSI.Myxyz.ViewModels.csproj">
    <ProjectReference Include="..\CSI.Myxyz.Shared\CSI.Myxyz.Shared.csproj">

Open in new window

6. I see all the projects in the solution
7. When I look at the Windows Exploere, the project I added it is not there. It's somewhere else. I wonder if this is the cause of my problem for step 4. Why isn't this newly added project where it should be...listed with all other projects? What am I missing? Why can't I reference this namespace? I doubt the location of the project is the reason why I can't reference that namespace

It's not here
It's listed in the root

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Found out what this was. The project I added had a different .Net Framework. The existing solution is 4.5.1. The one I was adding was 4.6.1.

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