GPO deleted but still being applied. Help!

Rudia Plaga
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My network is a domain controller running 2012r2, and a member server joined to the domain running 2016, configured as an RDS terminal server. I created a group policy object that would hide the c:\ drive as a test. I didn't reset the GPO back to the original configuration before I deleted it.  Now I have lost the c:\ drive in my computer, on the domain controller, the RDS terminal server and one domain connected workstation. The GPO is deleted, but is still being applied. I tried to recreate the GPO with the correct configuration, but it did not restore the c:\ drive in my computer on any of the machines. I also looked in the policy folder inside sysvol, but there was no registry entry for the hide drive GPO. I ran gpresult, and on the html report, you can see the GPO is still being applied. I have included a screenshot of the gpresult output and the text file output. I am reading the forums, but nothing is restoring the c:\ drive. Can someone assist me with restoring the c:\ drive to the servers and the workstation. Thank you very much.

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Open Regedit
Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/Explorer
Look for the REG_DWORD value named NoDrives.
You'll likely find it set to 4 for each user affected by this GPO.

A	1
B	2
C	4
D	8
E	16
F	32
G	64
H	128
I	256
J	512
K	1024
L	2048
M	4096
N	8192
O	16384
P	32768
Q	65536
R	131072
S	262144
T	524288
U	1048576
V	2097152
W	4194304
X	8388608
Y	16777216
Z	33554432

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Deleting the NoDrives value will allow the hidden drives to be visible again.


Thank you very much! Yes, the hide drives key was set to 4 on both servers. I cleared the domain controller, then the RDS terminal server. After the c:\ drive was restored, I ran GPResult  /h GPreport.html, and I noticed the stuck GPO was still listed. Does the GPO clear after a period of time? I'm not completely understanding the list you have provided.  Can you explain what the list is?  I will mark your answer as solution.
Thank you again!


Okay, I think I understand the list now. In my case, three machines were affected, so the system must use the next highest number, which was four. I will save your list for future reference. Thanks again.
Darrell PorterEnterprise Business Process Architect

The list is the numeric values of the drive letters, where the numeric value is 2 to the power on (N-1) where N is the drive number.
So, A being the first drive letter is 2^(1-1) = 2^0 = 1, where as Z is the 26th drive letter so 2^(26-1) =2^25 = 33554432.

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