Issues with network printers on windows 10

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We are having issues with some windows 10 boxes that were upgraded from windows xp. We did the upgrade back when it was pushed out by MS we recently had to update the build of windows 10 PC's to build 1809 and after doing that we are unable to install network printers. It states no compatible drivers found. I have downloaded the latest drivers for a printer to test with and the PC wont accept them but I can install the same printer locally (using IP address to connect) and the same driver. We have many windows 10 PC's in our environment that do not have this issue it seems to only be the ones that were upgraded from 7
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It may be the driver is incompatible, but you suggest not. Windows 7 was often a bad choice to upgrade from.

Take one machine and try a Windows 10 Repair Install (Keep Everything) and see if that works.
Make a USB key and run Setup from the USB key.
Then try installing the new printer drivers again.

If that does not work on this machine, back it up, install Windows 10 fresh and try the printer drivers again.

Work with this one machine and see if the first suggestion gives you an efficient solution
From what you are saying, I understand you are printing via a server. If that is correct, it is possible there is no suitable driver for your server. In that case, as a local install works, that may be your only solution.

Before you go that way though, what is the printer model, and what server do you have?

Another thing. If you haven't done this yet, when installing the printer, try clicking the Windows Update button to see if a M$ driver is available.
Were the Windows 7 PC's 32 bit or 64?  You might need need a different driver, although the WIN7 driver should still work...

This might also be a driver signing issue, if 64 bit and a legacy driver is still in use...

As suggested, please post the Printer make/model along with whether you need 32 or 64 bit drivers for additional help!


Im testing with an HP 806  but we have tried some canon 4000 series also same results with both. They are 64 bit systems we have about 50 windows 10 64 bit systems that have no issues with the drivers running on our print server.

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