Postgres - Using a temp table created in one function, to use in another


   In DB2, we can declare a temporary table in a Stored Procedure SP1 and use it in another stored procedure SP2, while calling SP1.

Is there a way to do it in Postgresql 9.7?
Please help with an example, if there's a way to it?
Thanks a lot!
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SharathData EngineerCommented:
I don't think its possible in Postgres.
Temporary tables are automatically dropped at the end of a session, or optionally at the end of the current transaction.
Optionally, GLOBAL or LOCAL can be written before TEMPORARY or TEMP. This presently makes no difference in PostgreSQL and is deprecated; see Compatibility.

If possible, create a permanent table and use it across procs.
pvsbandiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sharat!
 Permanent table may get locked every now and then, because these SPs get called for each person and there will be many persons in the application.
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