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keep getting 3421 errors querydef parameters on date field!

Need to get parameters passed to query but keep getting 3421 error type mismatch!

I have a form that I use to select a start date called STARTDATE an it is formatted as short date which gives todays date as  2018-12-11 09:19:23
In my query I have a criteria that I put as  >[STARTDATE2]   and its format is as DATE/TIME. No matter what combination I try I still get type conversion errors!

Private Sub execute_RAP_Click()
    Dim db              As DAO.Database
    Dim qdf             As DAO.QueryDef
    Dim prm             As DAO.Parameter
    Dim rs              As DAO.Recordset
 Dim results As String
    Set db = CurrentDb
    Set qdf = db.QueryDefs("ECH_update1210")
    qdf.parameters([STARTDATE2]) = Me.STARTDATE
    Set rs = qdf.OpenRecordset
    'Work with the recordset
        Do Until rs.EOF
            results = results & rs.Fields("net_num") & "; "

     'Cleanup after ourselves
    Set qdf = Nothing
    Set db = Nothing

Set db = Nothing
Set rs = Nothing

End Sub

I've tried several combinations with CDATE() and FORMAT with same results!
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Fabrice Lambert
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Me.STARTDATE is a string.
You need to cast it into date first:
qdf.parameters([STARTDATE2]) = CDate(Me.STARTDATE)

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Do Until rs.EOF
            results = results & rs.Fields("net_num") & "; "


there is no rs.movenext in your loop!

MsgBox (" list item = ") & results

shouldn't it be:

MsgBox "(" list item = ")" & results

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is STARTDATE2 also a date time field? you want to compare with date and time?
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Side note:
Data Formating and Data Type are not related to each other.
The former is about displaying, the later is about internal storage.
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Peter Groves


OK now I get run-time error 2465 Microsoft can't find the field 'l1' refered to in your expression.


P.S. Movenext was left out from copy and The msgbox was extraneous and removed same result!
OK now I get run-time error 2465 Microsoft can't find the field 'l1' refered to in your expression.
Updated code please ? (include the query).
My Crystal ball is broken.
In your query, specify the parameter data type:

SELECT … <your current query>

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Also, make sure that you filter on the date field itself, not an expression like Format([DateField], "yyyy-mm-dd") as that returns text.
Hi Gustav, I've set the parameters for the STARTDATE2 as datetime via the design tab the the query builder if thats what you mean!


Yes, that's it.
And the field, you filter on? How about posting the SQL of the query?
SQL deleted as it contained company info! sorta !

Here it is! (gone)

I don't get errors now as I needed to put the parameters [STARTDATE]  and [Start count]in quotaions !
but the query doesn't return any records. It worked fine as a stand alone query when I replaced STARTDATE and Start count with actual values!

Seems right. And you had a date format applied to control Me.STARTDATE.

Then this should work:

qdf.Parameters([STARTDATE2]).Value = Me!STARTDATE.Value

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If not, your csr_date field may have a time part. It that is the case, try modifying the query with:

HAVING ((Fix(projet1.csr_date) > [STARTDATE2]) AND (projet1.noreseau > [Start count]));

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I think aikimark had the right idea.
you need to refer to the parameter by its name (in quotes)

qdf.Parameters("StartDate") = me.StartDate

or by it's numeric place

qdf.Parameters(1) = me.StartDate
Toggle a breakpoint, inspect your variables, and ensure the value given as parameters are the ones expected.
Make sure there are no implicit convertions.
OK the main problem with the errors was the missing quotes, but I still can't get the parameters to
affect the query as I still get 0 records. I've removed the parameter references in the query and replaced
startdate with   >#2018-11-05# and it works fine!  Just can't get it to work using the parameters .

I even tried to put the parameter on another numeric field and same result  no records!

Then you pass no value to the query. Try:

Debug.Print Me!STARTDATE.Value
qdf.Parameters([STARTDATE2]).Value = #2018-11-05# 

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and tell us what Debug.Print is printing.
If I hover over the qdf of qdf.parameters("[STARTDATE]")  is see the correct date!  
I'va also tried the #2018-11-05# with same result!

must be missing something in  a declaration somewhere!

Change your query so that instead of using your parameter in a criteria (WHERE clause) you use it in the SELECT statement:

Parameters [StartDate] datetime;
SELECT field1, Field2, [StartDate] as TestParam
FROM yourTable

and see what is returned in that field when you open the recordset.
After fixing the quotes and try everything I could think of , turns out I had to compact and repair the database!
Work fine now! God I hate Access for this BS!  

Thanks everyone!

God I hate Access for this BS!  
Well, most troubles result from bad design, bad practices, low VBA knowledge ect ...