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Hello experts,
We have intermittent browsing issues (accessing internal and Saas applications) in our company, and just wanted to find out for your expert advices as to how you guys go about troubleshooting it. Does it always require a 3rd party solution to determine the bottlenecks.

One of instances are both IE and chrome (both on VDI and physical machine), goes to page isn't working if it stays for a certain period of time.


Thanks a lot.
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Thats a very wide question but i hate to see questions go unanswered :-)

There are so many ways this could go I’d start by looking for patterns to help narrow it down a bit.

Get everyone to take note of issues and see if there are any noticable patterns of times/days, websites visited, source locations or machine types etc. Any suspicions in thesr areas could give you a starting point.

If not, start with LAN & internet bandwidth monitoring to see if youre hitting any limits or maxing out any links.
After that consider setting up some
Monitors/ping to some widely visited internet sites so you can check for connectivity problems around the time people report issues.
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