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Questions around Director & General configuration for XenApp 7.15

Hello.  Looking for some clarification to weed out what we need to install as we are building a new fresh Citrix XenApp 7.15 farm on Windows 2016 servers with a new Licensing Server running Windows 2016 and the latest build of License server.  We are not using XenDesktop at this point, only XenApp.

We have put in place Netscaler's (not yet in production) that point to StoreFront (3.15) systems (on Windows 2012) and would like to carve out a new StoreFront site for this new farm.  The only thing running on the StoreFront servers is Storefront currently.  We have configured these to currently point to our existing XenApp 6.5 farm, but from what I understand, we should be able to provision to also point to another farm.

We are looking to start fresh rather that try in-place upgrades on our existing farm.

So, to the questions.

#1 - We currently have about 6 machines in our test env and about 17 in production running XenApp 6.5

The director piece is my question, I understand this is replacing Delivery Services Console.  In documentation, I have read that it seems this is recommended on a single node but then I see others to let Netscaler manage.  What is the recommendation in a production environment and how many nodes need to run this service?  Or do I install to run co-exist with StoreFront?

#2 - Is there a good document reference for setting up strictly a XenApp farm for 7.15 or any great training?

There are always new features moving forward, but this is a bit more complex setup than just setting up a XenApp 6.5 farm and all it's supporting functions.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions, wisdom and tips.
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Sam Jacobs
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While there is nothing preventing you from installing Director on a StoreFront server (or any IIS server), you would typically place Director on the DDCs.
For anything Citrix-related, the place to go for documentation is Carl Stalhood's site:
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Sam, thanks, so it would be better to have Director on separate servers.  How many Deliver Controller's are recommended per an environment?
At least 2, to eliminate any SPOF (single point of failure).
For 17 machines, that should be fine.
The more I read and try to figure out what to install where, I don't even see a XenApp installer on the ISO image.  What actually gets installed on a XenApp server that hosts the published apps then?  Is that just DesktopStudio though I'm not using XenDesktop?

I have been a Citrix supporter and admin for a long time (xp, 1.8, etc.) but introducing Netscalers, this new layout jump from XenApp 6.5 to 7.15 is very confusing to figure out what components are needed to duplicate what we are already using.  Simple times are gone I guess.

Thanks in advance for your insight.
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Sam Jacobs
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Thanks Sam, have looked at Carl's site and use his often (Thanks Carl :)), so VDA Agent related to XenApp - Got it.

Thanks for your help.
You're most welcome.
And to document your configuration, of course you go to Carl Webster's site. :)