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PHP to Query LDAP, check if memberof against a paramater

I am using PHP to search a LDAP member of list to see if a user is a member of a group "GG-UK-Pink-Stores 2136 StoreManager" and then if they are a member pull out the four digit store number.

It works however it doesnt seem to check for the StoreManager and bring back anything similar.

// *****************************************************
// Searches for the Key of Store Manager within the array.
// *****************************************************
      $keysval = ['StoreManager'];
      foreach($ldapGroups[0]['memberof'] as $k => $v) {
        if ($k === 'count') continue;
        echo $v . "<br>";
        if (preg_match('/.*? (\d\d\d\d) .*/', $v, $match)) {
            $keyval[$match[1]] = true;
      $retailOutletNumbers = array_keys($keyval)
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Perfect, many thanks
You are welcome.