Restoring from an Oracle Back-up

Coco Beans
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I’ve overwritten some data in my db.  I’ve requested a restore and I can now access the database server through VMware.

Can I just stop the DB and overwrite the .DBF files with those from the back-up.  What are the steps involved – thanks in advance
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Generally speaking, no, that is not the way to perform a production restore.

I use RMAN to backup and restore.

I'm not, however, going to provide my scripts.

You can do the shut down and copy paste thing as long as the dbfs were also copied when the dB was down.

But this should be reserved for Dev environments. Always use an enterprise level standard for production DB's.
Hi Coco,

If you have a "cold backup" where all of the Oracle container files (Users, Temp, Sys, Sysaux, Redo, and the user tablespaces) are copied to a separate location you can "restore" your database to the point of that cold backup by copying all of the backups over your database files.  I've used this technique many times to create/update an exact copy of a database in a new location.  Other steps are required to create this copy, but as long as you're copying back over the original database it's as easy as copying all of the files and restarting Oracle.

If you want only part of the data and you have sufficient space, you can build the database in another location, backup the data you want, and restore it.  

Good Luck,
Coco BeansDesigner


Thanks. for your advice and help.
Coco, do you have a list of all your database files? You can get the list with an alter database backup control file to trace. The output file will have the list. Database file will *not* all be .dbf files as you say, so you want a complete list. Also, before doing any sort of recovery from backup be sure to shutdown the current database and backup all of its files. Don't presume you know where the files are and what they are named. Use the database trace file to get a complete list--it will include log files and controlfiles.  Good luck. Theresa

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