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If I import a chart from Excel and I want to resize it - so that all text is legible - but that ends up making it bigger than the that in presentation view, now I can't see the x and y axis labels at all - how do I get around that? The problem I am having is with a custom template - which I don't want to post for confidentiality reasons. Oddly enough I can get it to work with my standard PowerPoint templates...
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Jamie GarrochSenior Technical Consultant at BrightCarbon

If it's  ok with one template and not another, what are the respective   design sizes for each template? If you're using the new standard 16x9 then they should be 960x540 which is equivalent to 13.333" x 7.5" or 33.866cm x 19.05cm

Also, are you inserting the chart into a placeholder? Finally, when resizing, are you resizing the whole chart onp object or the chart area inside it?


Ah I was putting it on a slide with a placeholder and resizing it but when I changed the slide layout to blank - then it took it...generally speaking, if the chart has a lot of data on it - what's the best way around this?
Senior Technical Consultant at BrightCarbon
In general, if this statement is true:

the chart has a lot of data on it

Then you probably have too much data for a 'presentation' slide (as opposed to a print doc) and this is a design question rather than a PowerPoint technical question. If the slide is being presented, think about what message you want the audience to take away as a result of being exposed to the data and then redesign the chart to minimise the amount of data in it, turning it into information. This dataviz process is complex and there are a lot of resources online to help you visualise data. Have a look at this article and video as a starting point:

If you must have all of the raw data, you can use animation sequencing to build the story in easily digestible chunks, a process that allows the presenter to add value during the presentation to their audience:

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