Sequencing animations when some elements on Master Slide and some on normal slide

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Best way to animate a slide if some elements are on the Master Slide and some are on the Normal slide. Can animate both - the issue is with the sequence e.g. circle on Master slide, text on Normal slide?
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The animation timeline sequencing has the slide animations play after the master / layout animations (unless you use With Previous timing on the slide objects).

You can use the normal On Click / With Previous / After Previous animation timing properties to coordinate the sequencing of effects across the slide master (or layout) and slide. However, the Animation Pane will only show the sequences for the current view i.e. master or slide, not both. So if you want to be precise, you'll need to set timing values (DurationDelay) manually to get the effect you want.


Thanks for that explanation. So really by the sounds of things, you would be better off choosing EITHER animating the Slide Master or just doing regular animations?

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