Confused about cloud switches/Merakis.....

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hi guys

I was looking into cloud switching, such as the tools being offered by Cisco Meraki. They keep saying that you can have your switches in the cloud. But I'm trying to understand how that would work.

Would that mean that in my organisation which consists of two stacks of x 7 switches, totalling 14 switches, that I would suddenly no longer need that anymore if I implemented Meraki's?

We have around 300 people in our office. All of those people have to be connected/patched to a port on the wall and those need to be patched into a switch.  I can't exactly get rid of those physical switches can I? So I'm not really understanding the whole cloud switching situation with Meraki's?

Or have I totally misunderstood the cloud switching scenario?

thanks for helping
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atlas_shudderedSr. Network Engineer

You are still going to have physical equipment on premise.  The difference is that your management of that equipment will be managed in the cloud.


So I'd have a load of switches vanilla configured out of the box, but then have the VLAN's set up in the cloud?
Sr. Network Engineer
If you are using Meraki then it would be Meraki switches.  Your config and data would be local to your premise (including vlans).  They would be managed from the cloud though which means you would have a copy of your config stored in the cloud as well.

The advantage of the Meraki platform for switches is the ability to template and expedite deployment.  They've got some reasonable troubleshooting tools baked in as well if you want to license all of them.

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