Need to get back a domain that now has status  "Pending delete"

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The user wants to get back a domain that they once had, but that now has a domain status of "Domain Status: pendingdelete"

We need advice on whether there is anything that can be done other than waiting in suspense every day to see if the domain has been released by the registrar and is 'back in circulation'.

The domain name is not a desirable name.  I doubt if there are dozens of people who want this name
I see from a whois that the Registrar is ENOM

I'd like to register it with DYN.COM
Can ENOM be contacted?
Can anything but waiting be done?

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instead waiting, you could continually try to register it.
no, they have a 45 -90 day window, so those who percist....

i think there are services that continually check status through registrar connection, once available, they process the registration.
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Enom has a 29 day grace period for domains that are not renewed:

After that grace period has lapsed, the domain may go into a "redemption grace period" where you can contact your registrar (Enom) and they can still recover the domain for you but will likely charge you an exorbitant fee.

Once it passes any available grace periods, it goes into pending delete status. Per Enom:

"Pending Delete" refers to the 5-day time frame after redemption. During this time the registry holds the domain and it cannot be recovered. Once the Registry deletes the domain, it becomes available for anyone to purchase as a new domain. It is available on a first-come first-served basis.

You mention the domain isn't desirable. However, domain brokerage companies are setup to auto-register expiring domains so they can measure if there is any traffic/backlinks/etc to a domain and then decide if the domain is worth holding in their portfolio for resale. Hence, at this point your best bet is to sign up with a domain backorder service (or more than one) and hope that you are able to get the domain before a domain broker does.

Enom recommends using this backorder service:

I'm not familiar with namejet, but since Enom recommends them, there is a chance they may have a better chance of recovering the domain when it gets deleted.

If you want to sign up with a few (recommended if this domain is very important) I'd throw these in the mix:

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