Will SharePoint 2016 search include items not in sharepoint?

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Will SharePoint 2016 search include items not in sharepoint?  The company is all Microsoft products.
Files stored external to sharepoint on a different server?  Like:  Email, SQL data, Excel, Word, PDFs
Will it search Office 365 & On-Premise?

I've been looking around for opinions on SharePoint Search and haven't found much.  But did see where sharepoint only searches in sharepoint documents.

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Hi, yes the Search capabilities of SharePoint are very powerful. If the Search Indexer account is given the ability to access the other content then it can also crawl it. You'd need to set those other content sources in your SharePoint Search config.

One issue can be security trimming of Search results outside SharePoint. By default SharePoint hides Search results that you wouldn't be allowed to see if you clicked on it. This works great in SharePoint.

There's some interesting guidance here on how to get best results; http://prairiedeveloper.com/2016/04/setup-sharepoint-search-crawl-bcs/


Thanks Jamie - I will check the link out.

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