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Unable to search in Outlook after KB4467684

Last Modified: 2019-01-20
We are experiencing the issue mentioned here where the recent KB4467684 disables Outlook 2016 search on our Server 2016 terminal servers, preventing everyone from searching their inboxes. One workaround is to uninstall KB4467684, but then we lack the security updates. So the only workable option is to add the following to registry:
Create a new DWORD here: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search\
named  PreventIndexingOutlook and set the value to 1

This re-enables Outlook search after the update so that users can search their inbox. But now we have a second issue which may or may not be related. When they compose a new email and try to add an attachment, the Search Documents box in the upper right of the screen you see when browsing for attachments no longer works. This kind of makes sense because we just added "PreventIndexingOutlook" to the registry, but we cannot remove that key because then they can't search their inboxes.

I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and what the fix might be?
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I've probed few folks on the Outlook team about it, their reply was that they're not sure exactly what's causing this and they need input from customers in order to investigate. So do open a support case if you havent already and work with the engineers to diagnose this.
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