used laptops

gudii9 used Ask the Experts™
thinking to sell used laptop

Any good sites that give good price on them

Please advise
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Director of Member Experience  
Hello Gudii9

Places like eBay, Facebook Marketplace Craigslist Amazon Swappa Gazelle OfferUp LetGo to name a few you can list your use laptop

You can you GadgetValue to determine how much the used laptop is worth.


i do not want to deal with giving my details, showing and making appointments
just generate shipping label and send it and let them deal with selling if possible
Stacy RichardDirector of Member Experience  

Hello Gudii9,

I just see sale your gadget they basically buy your laptop and turn around to make a profit by reselling it.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013
So you want to sell it but not provide any information on it.  FEW people will buy it and the hassle of trying to do so isn't worth it in my opinion.  Old laptops aren't worth that much to begin with.  If you have 100's of laptops, you can find a place that will pay you a small fee and refurbish them... but if you have one and just want to get rid of it for next to nothing, put it on craigslist for a cheap price and straight forward statement - As Is - pay for shipping plus what you want to charge.  No details.  No pickup.  (You're not selling a car, you're selling a laptop).  

Alternatively, DONATE it.  No, you won't get any money for it, but considering how much a laptop costs these days, you probably wouldn't get much for it anyway... this way you get a tax deduction and it's out of your hands!
Top Expert 2013

generally, the more info is given, increases the asking price.
in your view, you would use the very minimum prices, to get them sold, if you find a place willing to buy them.
also, as Lee says : how mauch do you have, and are they all the same, or different, and all in working order, or not?
Devin BeckerIdentity Management and Security
Distinguished Expert 2018


If you don't want to expose much or any of your information, it sounds like eBay is your best bet, no setting up appointments to meet with people, then only the person receiving the laptop would have any information(most likely shipping return address). I do feel that eBay is probably the best solution for you, however, I don't think you would get the full worth of the laptop by selling it on eBay, especially with shipping costs. eBay also generates shipping labels for you when the user purchases it.

Hopefully this helps you out.

Devin Becker

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