Select from 3 tables with a single query in MySQL with PHP


I have to select all items from a MySQL table using PHP but from categories that the user is allowed to see. I've tried having all the categories in an array and then imploding them while using the IN statement in the SQL query (tried like 10 different methods with INT and STRING arrays) with no luck. The problem is that I'm getting dizzy while trying to figure out a somewhat complex (at least for me) JOIN statement.

I have the following tables:

Sample tables
As you can see, it should be pretty easy except that a user may have more than one category assigned to it. How can I show Helen in this example all the products and/or categories she can see in a single query?

Thanks in advance.
Cesar AracenaPHP EnthusiastAsked:
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PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
from users
inner join matrix on users.user_division = matrix.division
inner join items on matrix.category_available = items.category
where users.user_name = 'Helen'

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You don't give us much detail on your needs, for example you could do this:

from items i
inner join matrix m on i.category = m.category_available
inner join users u on m.division = u.user_division
where u.user_name = 'Helen'

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Cesar AracenaPHP EnthusiastAuthor Commented:
Thanks Paul!

I'm not on my working computer and that's why I don't have all the needs in hand but this sure will work! I'll try it tomorrow and come back with the result.

Thanks again!
Cesar AracenaPHP EnthusiastAuthor Commented:
Thanks Paul! It works perfectly. And it was easier than I thought ;)
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