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Gabriell Porto
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I'm trying to use the Running Totals in Crystal Reports 8.5 to get the minimum value of a series of fields.


A - 500
B - 300
C - 400

I need to get the B - 300 line.

Is there anyother way to figure this is out without using the Running Totals?

Thanks in advance
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Is that a field in each record or are you looking at 3 fields in a record?

If it is the minimum for a field just use

When you say "I need to get the B - 300 line", do you really mean that you want to show the 300 from that line somewhere (eg. at the end of the report), or do you actually need the "B", and possibly other fields from that line, to show up somewhere else on the report?

 If you're just looking for the minimum value for a numeric field in all of the records, then you can use a formula as mlmcc suggested, but the function that he used may be wrong.  I haven't used CR 8.5, but in later versions, Min is an OLAP function and you'd want to use Minimum instead.  It may be different in 8.5.

 Or, you can probably right-click on that field on the report and select Insert > Summary and change the summary type to Minimum.



Thank u very much!

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