Windows 10 - No Login Screen

My organization has been having an issue for a few months now where a user will try to unlock their Windows 10 computer but no field populates to enter their password.  Sometimes the username will appear, other times nothing will appear.  On the lock screen you can see the date and time, but once you hit enter, it goes blank (you can still see the lock screen wallpaper).  A simple restart will fix this, however at the rate this is happening that is only a work around, and if the user has an unsaved document that presents a problem.  The troubleshooting steps I’ve tried based on my own research have been to disable Fast Start under Power settings and to make a registry edit which disables the lock screen.  Disabling Fast Start had no effect and disabling the lock screen seems to at best lessened the frequency of the issue occurring to once every two or three weeks.
Tyler LeonardAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you press enter, Windows will interpret that as an empty password and it may take 30 - 60 seconds to come back and say "Incorrect password" and re-present the screen.

Try clicking on the screen with the mouse. That is what I do.
Tyler LeonardAuthor Commented:
Hi John,
The issue actually occurs before the password field should display.  Issue occurs when you wake Windows 10 you see the date/time screen. Clicking the mouse or hitting enter should let the “shade” swipe up revealing the username and password field.  What happens with us is the shade swipes up but there is no field behind it.  

For those that I have disabled the lock screen, they will wake up their computer and see just their lockscreen wallpaper and no username is displayed or password field.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am not sure and will do some more looking. I do not use fancy moves.  I keep the Lock Screen enabled and just click once on it. Password field appears (any Windows 10 computer my own or clients)
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Tyler LeonardAuthor Commented:
If it helps any, it’s on Lenovo laptops.  Dell laptops and desktops using the same image do not have the problem.  All drivers and Windows 10 updates are current.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
All our computers are Lenovo (Desktop and Laptop).

Dell laptops and desktops using the same image   <-- Dell machines and Lenovo machines are different animals and do not share an image.  Do you have non-Lenovo drivers on the Lenovo machines.

Also are BIOS, Chipset and Video all up to date. Video may have a bearing on this.
Tyler LeonardAuthor Commented:
We build our devices using the same image file whether it be Dell or Lenovo.

Yes all BIOS, chipset, and video drivers are up to date.  This problem has also been happening for several months so it's continued through several rounds of driver updates.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Take one Lenovo machine and make it from the Lenovo Recovery USB and test.  

We have many Lenovo machines across several clients and do not experience this issue. So it would appear to be something to do with the image build.
Tyler LeonardAuthor Commented:
Thank you John,
I have considered that for testing however with well over 100 Lenovos in the environment I can't exactly rebuild them all either.  So ideally I can find a fix for whatever the problem may be.
Tyler LeonardAuthor Commented:
To clarify, the image process is from SCCM and is not technically the same image. The windows install is the same for both, however, SCCM applies Lenovo drivers for the Lenovo’s and Dell drives for the Dell’s.
no errors in event viewer? and device manager?
Tyler LeonardAuthor Commented:
No errors in event viewer in any sort of relative time frame of the issue occurring.  Everything checks out in Device Manager as well.
and if you make a new user account, does it do the same?
Tyler LeonardAuthor Commented:
I haven’t tested that as the laptops are used by one primary user once deployed, however across the enterprise it has happened to at least two dozen separate users on their own devices.
you can test it on one
Tyler LeonardAuthor Commented:
I will not be able to do anything until Monday, but will follow up once I do some work on it then!
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