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hi i would like to achieve the 2 followings:

(1) how can i set up a system in place where i can track which device or computer uses the highest internet usage?

(2) and lastly i would like to assign each device on our network specific volume of data for internet usage. for example one device can have 500mb per month?

please can someone advice?
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If you need to measure traffic usage you have to gather statistics at a border point.
Netflow  is the most used format for publishing such data.

So you need equipment that can gather statistics and send them as netflow data to a netflow service.
This netflow service can then aggregate records on f.e. source IP address.
Link between IP address and MAC address etc. should then be gathered from DHCP services  or possibly including Radius in the case of Dialin / dot1x.

tbh 500 mb (500 milli bit / month hardly seems worth the trouble.)  
You might mean 500MB (MB = Mega Byte or Mb = Mega bit) the difference is 10 or 9 orders of magnitude. Which is significant.

If you need to enforce limits the hard way you need to select routers that properly enforce those given a radius / diameter server that also does accounting.
Where the router also produced accounting record for radius/diameter.
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Also consider WhatsUp Gold (Ipswitch).  I have seen this used.

You may wish to determine what is happening and monitor it.

Setting bandwidth quotas may be a waste of time given the manpower required to make inevitable changes for valid usage.
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What type of infrastructure do you have in place now? Like in terms of firewall or UTM?

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