When trying to delete a GPO, I get error: "A device attached to the system is not functioning."

This was a test GPO i used to test for one user account to force a password change, but when linked to the Omni Test OU, i forgot to remove authenticated users. So i just want to simply remove it but getting the error below.

gpo error
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Issue is facing on all DCs or on particular DC?

May be you can reboot PDC master server and check

Here is relevant thread

joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
We have DC's replicated. So reboot the DC's?
1st reboot PDC and check if issue goes away

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joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
I rebooted PDC, but still to no avail. Seem like i get same message wheter I try to disabled it as well. Any other solution?
In GPMC, select the policy and navigate to Details tab

check GPO guid and ensure same folder is available in policies folder under Sysvol

The problem happens with single GPO?

If yes, you can delete this GPO and recreate it.
joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
NVM, i was able to remove it. I guess I rebooted the DC that was not the PDC. Found out which one it was and rebooted it. All is fine now. I was able to delete the GPO. Thank you.
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