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Angular Space Saving Options

I am just getting started with Angular (

What I notice is every time I create a new project using the ng new myproject  (e.g. ng new angular-tour-of-heroes), it creates a (nodes_module) directory with like over 20,000 files.

I understand that in some cases you can set different settings that don't require all of the same nodes so that would create a different set of files for nodes_module.

But if I have multiple projects that all will use the same basic set of files, is there a way to share the nodes_module?

It seems that if I'm working on ten different projects at once that's an awful lot of files and disk space that is identical...

Is there a space saving option?

Also, if this is the best way to do this, is there a best practice for how to archive old projects.  In other words, if I have a project that I work on and turn over to a client, I no longer need it on my drive taking space. But if I want to save it in case the client wants me to replicate it again... is it okay just to save the src files or do I need to save the whole thing including the 24K+ nodes_modules?

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