How to configure elasticsearch to a new ipaddress?

Hi Experts,

     I want to configure elasticsearch to a new IP address.  Currently, it is on a dev machine.  But I want to configure to a new IP address.

currently, in my elasticsearch.yml the current settings are : /var/lib/elasticsearch

path.logs: /var/logs/

inside /var/lib/  elasticsearch is link file to links to /mnt/elasticsearch

I want to install elasticsearch to new machine.  machine ipaddress is eg., 5*.25*.22*.1*,  

My questions are,

Do I have to install elastic search on this new IP address,

or can I set this new IP address as path in the existing dev machine?

or do I have backup and restore to the new ipaddress?

Please suggest how to configure?

I had tried changing the network host to the new IP address, and copied elasticsearch folder to the new machine and set the path to and I had set path.logs to new machine folder paths and restarted elastic search from the existing dev machine.

elastic search failed to start.

Please suggest how to configure the elastic search on this new machine.

With many thanks,

Bharath AK
Bharath A.KAsked:
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
To change to use a new IP address, you'll do one of these...

1) Move your ElasticSearch code + database to the machine where your new IP lives. Likely best + certainly most simple to maintain.

2) Create a proxy connection from your existing instance to the machine where your IP lives. Complex to setup + maintain.

Tip: One your target machine, install Ubuntu Bionic + LXD at machine level + install your ElasticSearch instance inside an LXD container.

This makes moving your entire ElasticSearch instance to new machines trivial.

Tip: If you've never moved an ElasticSearch instance, might be best if you hire someone to assist you with this.
Bharath A.KAuthor Commented:
Hi David,

       I am trying to install and run elasticsearch index to a new ip address, and  try to connect the new ipaddress to other machines

once things are working I will let you know the status.

With Many thanks,

Bharath AK
you can change the ip address of the existing machine simply means bind whatever ip the machine possesses.

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Bharath A.KAuthor Commented:
I will change host in elasticsearch.yml to so that It can be accessed from any machine

Thanks for your help and suggestion
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