Failure HyperV Cluster

I have a HyperV Cluster environment.
One of the servers is not listing the virtual machines.
But VMs are up and running.
I can view the VMs of host01, but not of host02.
Also by the Cluster Manager function I can not manage the VMs.

The error below occurs:
The cluster Resource Hosting Subsystem (RHS) process was terminated and will be restarted. This is typically associated with cluster health detection and recovery of a resource. Refer to the System event log to determine which resource and resource DLL is causing the issue.

A component on the server did not respond in a timely fashion. This caused the cluster resource 'Virtual Machine SRVCWBMON01 (2)' (resource type 'Virtual Machine', DLL 'vmclusres.dll') to exceed its time-out threshold. As part of cluster health detection, recovery actions will be taken. The cluster will try to automatically recover by terminating and restarting the Resource Hosting Subsystem (RHS) process that is running this resource. Verify that the underlying infrastructure (such as storage, networking, or services) that are associated with the resource are functioning correctly.
Marco JuskiAsked:
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remove VMs from cluster, remove server from cluster and add it again and then add virtual machine resources again
Marco JuskiAuthor Commented:
This problem does not occur only in the Cluster function.
Using HyperV's local host manager, it does not view the VMs that are connected to it.
But the VMs are up and running, that is, I just can not manage them, but they are up and running.

Even right on the host I can not see the VMs.
try installing hyper-v manager tools on other server, windows 10 and check if you are able to connect
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Sounds like you should reboot your hosts.
Marco JuskiAuthor Commented:
Yes, but it did not work.
To understand the scenario, today we have two servers in the cluster. Server 02 has this problem.

On server 01 using hyperv manager, it opens its VMs, but it tries to connect to the VMs of server 02.

On server 02 using hyperv manager, it does not open its local VMs, but of that problem server, I can connect to the VMs of server 01 correctly.

I think it's not the HyperV manager tool, but a different one.
may be you can try clear / refresh WMI repository on affected hyper-v host
Marco JuskiAuthor Commented:
I have not yet restarted, but the concern is to reboot and not recognize the VMs.
At that point I can not manage them, but the VMs are up and running.
If I reboot, they may just not come back, that's the concern.
Marco JuskiAuthor Commented:
How do I clean the WMI repository?
Run winmgmt /resetrepository from elevated command prompt and check if it works

after that check winmgmt /verifyrepository

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Marco JuskiAuthor Commented:
WMI repositor is consistent

But, I found on Server 02, the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service in Stopping status.

He is locked in this position and does nothing.
This is why VMs are still in the air but do not appear in the HyperV Manager.
You can try to kill the process on the host.
Marco JuskiAuthor Commented:
I did this, I restarted the service, but the problem persists.
Marco JuskiAuthor Commented:
I'll schedule it for the server tonight.
I would manually shut down the VMs on the bad host before rebooting the host, so so they get shut down cleanly.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
There's a problem with Hyper-V communicating with storage from what I can see.
Get-NetAdapter | Sort Name
Get-NetLbfoTeam | Format-List
Get-VMSwitch  | Format-List

Open in new window

Let's start there.

Then, what is the Hyper-V to storage layout please?

Open in new window

Marco JuskiAuthor Commented:
I researched google, and I found several people saying that when the HyperV service starts giving problems, they only resolved by restarting the host.

Yes kevinhsieh, I will manually turn off each VM.

Philip Elder, the VMs are in the air and run and I can communicate with the storages without problems.

I have 16 VMs running from that host and everything is functional, just no communication to manage the VMs.
Marco JuskiAuthor Commented:
After the server restarted, the WMI service went up disabled and corrupted.
I did the recommended procedures for you.
I put the service in automatic mode and rebooted server.
HyperV has returned to normal.
Thanks for the recommendations.
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