DIY Webpage That can talk to a SQL db

Victor Nares
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Thank you in advance Experts!

about 15 years ago, I used Dreamweaver to easily deploy dynamically updated forms on the web. The connection to my in house SQL db was intuitive and we were able to deploy quickly. Fast forward to 2018. The Current version of Dreamweaver no longer has this feature readily available.

Before I break open my PHP books, is there an application that can connect to a db and publish data to web browser easily?

I apologize for the broad question...I'm hoping the your feed back will help dial in my much needed research.

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David FavorFractional CTO
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Avoid reinventing the wheel.

Use WordPress.
Victor Naresdb Developer


Thanks for taking the time to respond David. Will not be allowed to install WP back end and can not use cloud. We went with ASP.NET.


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