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Processor Upgrade

Hey, I'm looking to replace a processor in an HP P7-1003w.  It has a Athlon II X4 650 (3.2 GHz) in it now.  I was looking to bump it to some type of Intel i7 Processor if possible.  Can anyone help me with what will work in it?
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All that is supported:  Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:

Look under Processor upgrades.  This does not include i7 so you would have to change the motherboard
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AMD and Intel are two completely different kinds of architecture that use different motherboards. You can't mix-match there. You'll have to get another AMD and even then you have limitations because it needs to be a Socket AM3.

You may be better off just getting a new PC because if you swap the motherboard without something not made by HP, then your Windows license won't work.
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So the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T would work?
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The list says AMD Phenom II X6 10xxT
Yes. I assumed that was as good or better.
Yes, it will work. Just note that the X6 will use more wattage than your X4. The power supply should be able to handle either unless you've got a graphics card taxing it. Also the X6 is unlocked and can be overclocked, but I doubt that HP motherboard would give you any option for it, so you are paying for a feature you can't use.
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You should get the latest BIOS before upgrading since you may get an unsupported CPU message if you just swap them and the new CPU was made after the current BIOS was written. I don't know how easy it is to get BIOS for HP, getting it for HPE servers is hard as they won't give it away for older machines.
i never found upgrading the cpu worth the cost
the only upgrade  that's worthwile is an SSD instead of a slow HDD imo
So this is the processor we bought and when we try to boot up, it says unsupported cpu.  It doesn't look like any new bios versions were ever released for this model.  Could the issue be that we bought the oem/tray version instead of the box version?


Could the issue be that we bought the oem/tray version instead of the box version?

Could be. You would need to ask the CPU Manufacturer Support people.
I just saw the processor I bought is 125w.  The board says it supports 95w.  So that could be it too
I just saw the processor I bought is 125w.  The board says it supports 95w

New info. You would need to upgrade the power supply
Power Supply is already upgraded.
So the power supply upgraded means the board can support more than 95w?
So then you need to contact CPU Manufacturer Support
I guess I'm getting confused now.
If I upgraded the power supply already, does that mean the motherboard will support 125w processors instead of the 95w that it says?
I cannot conclusively answer the last question. It should be you need manufacturer support.