Move Exchange 2010 VMs to new vSphere Cluster

Wasim Shaikh
Wasim Shaikh used Ask the Experts™
Hello everyone,

I have a scenario in which there are:
3 x Ex2010 Mailbox Server in DAG (on vSphere cluster)
2 x HT and CAS with NLB configured (on Hyper-V cluster)
2 x UM server
and also hybrid configuration.

I am not really an expert in O365 / hybrid configurations.

As per refresh cycle, I have to move VMs from existing Hyper-v and vmware (all above roles) to new vSphere cluster.

For Mailbox I have planned to create new MailboxServer VMs with new name,IP and add them in DAG, add a copy of each databases to new VMs, remove copy from old VMs and uninstall Exchange from old VMs.
Also will be updating the RPCClientaccessserver, move arbitration mailbox

For HT-CAS and UM, I am planning to use vmware converter to move VMs from hyper-V one at a time to vSphere cluster.
I believe I will have to retain the mac address of NICs from hyper-v vms

I am here for some advice, suggestions and caution I must take, specially with hybrid setup.
appreciate your comments.

Thank you.
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Solutions Architect
From VMWare to VMWare you could just export - Import  or do as you said (build new servers) both would work no issues

For the CAS you can use the conversion method also no issues there and there is no need to keep the MAC, as far as NLB is concerned if you are using windows NLB you will probably want to redo/check this one again once it is on VMware. in all cases this won't affect your hybrid in anyway

For you UM also use the conversion tool

in summary as long as  your current setup is working fine you can just move the VMs as is no need to spend time rebuilding anything. just make sure to preserver the current IPs.

This said, if I were in your shoes, I would definitely take this opportunity to migrate to Exchange 2016. Exchange 2010 end of life is very near and exchange 2019 is already out.

Good luck
Saif ShaikhServer engineer

As far as hybrid is concerned. You can always re-run the hybrid setup from hybrid server which will redo any configuration issues.
AkhaterSolutions Architect

there is no need to re-run the hybrid setup if nothing changes with the servers
Saif ShaikhServer engineer

May be let's see if any issues arise.

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